Looking for an open source card set graphics.
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I'm trying to find an open source "playing card" set that I would be free to use in a small game I'm curently coding in C++. (Trying to familiarize myself with a couple graphic libraries and doing a bit of experimentation with cross-compiling).
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pygames.sourceforge.net is a GPL'd solitairs that comes with a whole bundle of card sets.
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I had to this for my CompSci class here, only it was in java. Is a very useful project for low-level programmers.
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Pete: Thanx! My first instinct was to use PySol, but it seems that the programmer has put it on hiatus because of some license abuse (or something -- the comment on his page was kinda terse). I didn't realize a fork existed. That'll do nicely.

jmd: I'm also playing around with network stuff; attempting to code a client/server combo instead of a straight game. Always easier to learn when you're working on a "fun" project, rather than trying to assimilate volumns of abstract theory.
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The kdegames package also has card sets. (Also, if you haven't decided on a C++ toolkit yet, kdelibs isn't bad.)
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Galvatron: I was exploring KDE recently (via cygwin) and was impressed with several features. Nonetheless, I'm kinda leaning toward GTK+ since my Debian box is gnome-centric and I've been having a shocking amount of success doing GTK in a Windows environment (using VC++, DevC++, Borland and mingw). Still, I'll look into it. Also exploring wxWidgets. I was blown away by the wxPython IDE that I recently installed. Problem is that I know less than squat about Python and am not anxious to learn (yet) another language.
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AisleRiot (GNOME's solitaire) also has a few sets.
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Yeah, wxWidgets is nice too--certainly comparable to Qt/KDE, and the Python bindings are of exceptional quality.
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Here is a GPL card set from a page about Egyptian Rat Screw
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