What is this symbol on this hat?
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Does anyone recognize this symbol/logo on this hat?

this hat here

I have no idea. College logo? NAMBLA emblem? Viroid? Could be anything, but surely it's something? Right?
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It kinda reminds me of the symbol that Gaius Baltar adopted for his cult-thing on Battlestar Galactica.
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I dug around symbols.com, but the only thing that's close is this symbol for "alembic". My guess is that it's a fashion-related "W".
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If it's that obscure, I'm sure it will have no meaning to most people on the street. If it's something truly egregious, somebody will stop you and tell you what it means, at which point you can discontinue it. I have a hat with a very obscure symbol. I happen to know the meaning of it, but most people just discount it and walk past.
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it looks like a poorly done volkswagon logo
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It looks like two home plates holding hands, forming a third, smaller home plate. A home plate baby.
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It sort of looks like the Othala Rune used by neo-Nazi types.
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It could mean nothing and just have looked cool to the hat designer.
posted by gjc at 7:23 AM on May 4, 2008

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