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Car-free in Savannah, how can I get work-friendly clothes without being malled?

Living in Savannah, GA with only foot and public transportation. Downtown
Bay and Broughton are only 20 minutes away but has few mens stores and what little they have is too expensive, too much flair, too hip, or too old. The other choice seems to be taking a very long bus ride out to the malls, which are weighted towards Old Navy and Sears. In general, I don't like malls anyway, so spending an entire weekend afternoon getting out there and back is an unpleasant prospect.

I work five minutes away from a UPS store, so it's easy for me to ship things back. Suggestions on where to look online or hole-in-the-wall places I might have missed are very welcome. Good service is a priority.
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Best answer: Land's End is reasonably priced, has a wide selection, and a very generous return policy.
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Best answer: the gap and eddie bauer are both online, if you just want reasonably priced basics. land's end is also good for this.
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Best answer: Jos A Bank also is a good source for inexpensive business wear with a pretty good return policy. If you can wait for their next actual sale (not the perpetual one), you can get their higher line stuff for cheap.
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Best answer: Don't forget retailmenot to look for free shipping and other discounts.
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Response by poster: Any experiences buying from the Gap and Land's End?

pandanom: good lead
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Honestly, I'd go the bus route. Take the #14 and just hit Oglethorpe Mall (Men's Warehouse is nearby) or Savannah Mall (has a Target) if you got the time. Yeah it's inconvenient, but it works in terms of being able to try stuff on and walk out with clothes that you're sure will fit.

There's also the Target on Eastside, but that require two bus rides, the #12 and #14.

Remember, the bus routes are online at
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If you need nice pants, sport coats, etc. you might try Men's Wearhouse. In Savannah it looks like there is one location described by Mapquest as: 2 BLKS W OGLETHORPE MALL.

They are online and you can exchange/alter/etc. in their stores.
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Men's Warehouse is next to the Kinko's and Best Buy that's across from the mall. They have nice work clothes and if you're thinking about getting basics at the Gap, they have one on Broughton.

Also- you'd have to take a bus, but there are a few clothing stores around Whitmarsh Island that are strip mall style.
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