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I'm going to Antigua with for my honeymoon in October and was wondering if anyone had any recommendations of cool places to check out while we are there. We are staying at the Sandals resort. How did you like it there?
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My wife and I went to Antigua on our honeymoon. It's a beautiful place that is much like Jamaica, but without as many people. We stayed at the Sandals resort as well (nice place, cool atmosphere), so you should have a great time.

We ended up renting a car (there is a car rental place that sets up shop a couple of times a week at the Sandals resort so that makes it quite easy) and driving around the island on our own. The island is quite small (14miles x 11 miles), so you can drive around the entire island and see everything in half a day. I'd highly recommend doing so - just remember that being a british colony, they drive on the lefthand side of the road and the steering wheel is on the righthand side of the car. Being an American, this took a bit to get used to, but wasn't too bad.

Here's what I'd recommend doing while you're there:

- There is a fort somewhere on the island. It was quite fun to walk around that area of the island because of the old ruins.

- Antigua has a lot of sugar mills all over the island. Be on the lookout for them. Some are in ruins, while others are preserved quite well.

- Eco-tour! While at Sandals, there will be opportunities to sign up for various tours and outings. I highly recommend doing the Eco-Tour. You spend the day on a boat with a guide who grew up in the area and takes you to some really cool places. At various stages of the tour, you will get out and snorkel or walk around little islands. Very cool!

- Canopy tour - man, this was cool. If you're not scared of ziplines, then this is definitely not to be missed. It's a fairly long, bumpy drive to get there, but once you get there, it's very shaded and fun. Bring your bug spray though!

Whatever you choose, you'll have a great time. Oh, and the water there is terrible because it's all desalinated water as they don't have a source for fresh water. Bring some bottled water if you can. Otherwise, it'll cost you an arm-and-a-leg at the resort.

Lastly, the restaurants at Sandals are all quite good. Try them all!

Hope this helps.
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I haven't been there myself (yet), but my friend Patrick lives and teaches windsurfing there. He's born and raised there, is a well known instructor and from what I hear I would recommend checking it out.
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