How can I resume file sharing wirelessly between a Mac and a PC after the Mac has returned from sleep mode?
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Can anyone help me figure out how to resume file sharing capabilities between my MacBook Pro and my Windows Vista PC after my 'Book has been in Sleep mode?

I routinely copy media files from my Vista PC to my MacBook Pro over my wireless connection. The folders I've shared remain on my Mac desktop at all times, allowing me to open them, grab files, and copy them directly to my Mac.

However, if I close the lid on my 'Book and put it to sleep, I am unable to copy any files when I have resumed work on my 'Book. Basically, as I try to drag files to the desktop, I get the little "can't do that" symbol instead of the little green arrow.

If I do a complete reboot, everything works fine, but obviously that is not optimal. The funny thing to me is that the shared folders remain listed on my 'Book's desktop... if they disappeared, I could understand that the connection has been lost between both systems, but the only thing that changes is that I can see the files but am unable to copy them.


BTW, I have Network Magic installed on both my Mac and my PC. I am not directly using it to transfer the files however, I am using the Mac Network application to keep the folders shared.

Thanks in advance from the wise computer people here at AskMefi!

David in Athens,Ohio
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Sleep mode is known to screw up wireless on any number of systems. If you can disconnect and reconnect the wireless connection, or even disable and re-enable the 'Book wireless entirely, that might help and take less time than a full reboot.
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Response by poster: Thanks - I will try that!
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