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What to do with 150+ plastic buckets?

I'm cleaning up my mom's house. She's somewhat of a hoarder and a cat person, and so we've got empty cat litter containers stacked to the rafters. They're all shapes and sizes, but most of them are the yellow buckets which held 38 lbs of litter.

If I can't figure out a use for them, I'll just recycle them.

All ideas welcome, from practical to whimsical (and yes, I've already considered building a fort out of them. That'd be awesome.).
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Buckets are much beloved by the lolcat community (originally because of this photo). I recommend arranging them in some sort of pyramid, taking a photo, and adding a funny caption. Plz post results here kthxbye
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Drumming party!
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If the buckets have caps and are air/water tight, you could always make fishing jugs from them.

My buddies and I spent many weekend nights on the lake as kids jug fishing and smoking cigars. You can really catch some monster catfish this way too. Also, I've never come across a better way to free my inner redneck.

As you're in Alabama, if these buckets fit the bill and you're not interested, I'm sure you could find a local lazy fisherman who would take them off your hands.

(There's also something intriguing about catching catfish with cat litter buckets.)
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Upside down tomatoes (and other veg, presumably)
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You should definitely throw an add up on Craigslist. Lots of people have lots of uses for lots of buckets.
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Donate to a neighborhood gardening organization?
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Freecycle! Basically, the name of the game is "I have a thing I don't want, but it's far too nice to throw away." I've used it to get rid of a lot of clutter in my basement.
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Go to a public square or something in the wee hours of the night, create a structure (pyramid, tower etc.) from them, and just leave 'em there. Guerrila art, man!
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Front lawn water garden! Just add lotus seeds, waterlily roots, arrowroot, rushes, water hyacinth, water lettuce and don't forget the mosquito fish.
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You can also grow tomatoes right side up, and they will grow very well in containers. Pot also is great in containers - and I've had great success with it in plastic buckets.
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The local humane society might be able to use some of them.

Greater Birmingham Humane Society
300 Snow Dr
Birmingham, AL 35209

Shelby Humane Society
381 McDow Road
Columbiana, AL 35051
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In the olden days you could make money selling them to a whitewater rafting company for use as bailing buckets. Now I think most companies have self-bailing rafts. I would go with the Craigslist listing. Someone will want them.
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In the southwest, people fill them with sand and use them to form the inner structure of a faux-adobe stucco wall. Cheaper substrate than concrete blocks or straw bales.
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Seconding the upside down gardening. My squash and cucumber seeds have sprouted and I am going to need some soon - too bad you're not in the area.

Post on Craigslist and Freecycle, advertise them as "great for upside down gardening" or "cement or grout mixing" and I am positive they'll go.
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Lots of good ideas here.

But before you do any of them, find a quiet road, build a big triangle out of them all, and drive a car through/at it.
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Thanks for the answers, folks. I'm going to combine all of the above -- upside-down gardening is a great use for several of the buckets, and I'm kicking myself for not thinking of it -- I've done it before with good results. And I'm going to try to get rid of the rest on freecycle. I checked the wish lists of local humane societies, but alas, looks like buckets aren't on there.

I would totally totally love to take dowcrag's suggestion, but I need to borrow a friend's car first....
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