Mesh-back ergonomic office chairs in Canada on a budget? (<$200)
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Mesh-back ergonomic office chairs in Canada on a budget? (<$200)

Basically, I'm looking for an ergonomic office chair in the sub-$200 range that can be purchased in Canada, and on the cheap.

I've heard that mesh-back chairs offer the best support for the back (my concern is mostly upper/mid-back as I have a slight curvature of the spine and I tend to get problems around the shoulders) as they conform flexibly to one's back shape. As such I've been looking at chairs like this one from Costco, or these (one, two) from Staples, and finally these two (one, two) from Office Depot. I would prefer to purchase a recycled/used chair as the environmentalist in me would ideally avoid retail shopping, but Ebay turns up nothing in Canadian listings, and craigslist is likewise empty.

Any advice to aid my decision (or even suggestions for alternatives) is appreciated.
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I have one of the Aeron "clones" from a Price Club (same as Costco, I think) and it's fine. It's not as nice as a real one -- it does not feel as heavy or solid -- but it's better than most chairs I use. I don't know about support from the mesh, but the airflow/coolness is nice. Sweaty backs are icky.

If you are looking on eBay, "Aeron" is the word you want. I don't know about your city, but in mine there are usually many used ones available from some dot-com bankruptcy or other.
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I have a clone (bought second-hand so I don't know where from) - and it is comfortable, but not as good as an Aeron.

I have to tighten screws/bolts about once every 3-5 weeks or they will fall out.

Honestly, if I could find a used Aeron in good condition, that's what I would buy... Especially if you do have back issues.
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Try used office equipment stores - every city in Canada has at least one in the yellow-pages.

Try "Buy'n'Sell" or Craigslist as well.
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If you are a small person, I would try one out before getting one. I have one at work and I hate it because I don't really weigh enough to get the chair to lean at all to make the mesh actually support my back or butt whatsoever. If you are an average-sized person, it should be fine.
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Sorry for being a little OT there, btw.
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