Rejecting bogus "mail returned" email
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Spam-a-lot: Are there spam filters that can reject phony "Mail returned" virus e-mails by comparing the "failed" address to what you've actually sent? Such hoaxes are dominating my daily spam quotient, despite my use of spam-blocker Razor. But it seems like these would be easy enough for a program to detect.
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Server side or client side?
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I get so many of these that I've just set up a filter to get rid of any "mail returned" e-mails I get, unfortunately the drawback is that I won't know if I actually HAVE sent an unsendable piece of mail... I'd like a real solution as well...
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I've set up a filter that looks in the body for "Received: from" and also checks that the body does not contain, which is the IP address of my mail server, which would actually be in the bounce if it was a message I'd sent. The bogus messages try to make it look like I really sent it with a phony "Received:" header, but they don't have the right IP address.
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