explain this email to me please
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what is this email?

I just received it.

Subject: To all the persons with ingenuous head and heart

To all the persons with ingenuous head and heart

If the bitch things hadn't happened to us , I won't care how dark the bitch China is . I hope my family and friends can live peacefully as you do . But all our family members were driven mad in the past, and worse now .


The Beijing bitches of our housing zone is from the worldwide famous Chinese No.1 University, the TSING HUA University ( I thought the No.1 should be the Peking University instead ) , which is the service company of our housing zone . They SERVICE us here by terrorism only since they have power as the government leaders .

Our house is new and the housing zone is new as well , I stand out organizing our House Owner Committee, asking our neibours to sign for this committee in our house , hoping to contribute something to our housing zone future . This enraged our Housing Service company , the HuaQingWuYe . Thus they arranged a dog to bite my mother !
And they note the Police to threat us , they send more than 100 bitches to our house , one by one , almost every day , to threat and disturb us , they use more than one year to arrange a complot to our Shenzhen company , they sent an agent provocateur to our company , and ask the supplier to send copied products to our company once we have new order from customers, that agent provocateur's name was also shown in the bitch sentence files , his name is Ye ZhiXuan. He has " worked " in our company for one week till all our clerks were put into prison by a secret abduction in the middle sudden night of May 21st., 2007 !

The bitch government clerks had also rob all our computers, 7pcs computer towers and 2pcs notebooks that night, as well as many goods , piratical or non-piratical !

I ask for help worldwide .
And the Beijing bitches threats to kill me .
And the Beijing bitches finally abducted me into the Shenzhen prison the same way as they did to our company clerks , on Jul. 13th., 2007 .

We were tortured into half-death by their bitch way in the bitch prison , you can't bear . You can only pray the earth to blast and kill all the bitches for you .

4 persons of a family , including a cousin , in prison , not knowing alive or dead , can you bear ?
No one of the bitch Chinese government do anything to punish their bitches and pay for their bitch actions to us till now , though I'm still asking for help worldwide !

Dear GeGe , if you still think such a bitch government is hopeful , please type out all the documents in the "http://www.firstsing.com/news_8.htm
http://www.firstsing.com/sue2007.rar "
and send to the highest court of the bitch China through the address below :

最高人民法院立案庭 东城区东交民巷27号100745 85256114
The Registry Court of The Highest Court of China , Building No.27, DongJiaoMinXiang, east city zone, Beijing, China
Zip 100745 , Tel. 86 010 85256114

Don't say it's my idea .
We don't know whether the bitches will do next . They are stakeouting all our family members and friends every day .
If we can't do anything to save ourselves , they might kill all of us by their bitch way sooner or later .
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Well, it looks to be spam. Unless you know someone named China?
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Response by poster: spam just to be weird?
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Sounds like a new spam thing. Snopes doesn't have anything on it yet, but Googling a few of the key phrases shows that other bloggers have received the same thing.
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It is a spammer, probably trying to figure out a way around a spam filter by putting in all sorts of weird text.

Another possibility, the spammer put this text in the email to try to defeat a filter but misconfigured it and forgot the actual spam-content.

This isn't really very unusual.
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The spam content is the URL and link to a .rar file.
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"The xinfang system (literally meaning"letters and visits"), originally established in the 1950s, has been strengthened in recent years in order to contain the growing volume of conflict and preserve social stability."

Send your letters, then come to the meetup outside the People's Procurate, and the house of the Municipal Party deputy secretary.
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sounds like machine translation to me. Spam, as well.
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Spammers send these sort of emails to confuse "learning" spam filters, such as those with Bayesian algorithms. They are designed to vaguely resemble a real email. People who receive these will mark them as spam, and after time, the filter will not be able to distinguish between real email and spam.

If you get an email like this, hit the delete button rather than the spam button. That will stop your filter learning it as spam.
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It's not just normal spam, and it's not randomly-generated nonsense.

The linked URL and .rar file appear to contain evidence supporting the ranting in the letter, including scans of Chinese legal documents, receipts and photographs of dog bites and purportedly seized computers. There's no malicious software or commercial scam. The parent website looks like some kind of gamer community site.

Unfortunate for this guy that his English is incomprehensible... it's impossible to determine if he's a dissident seeking help or a schizophrenic. Maybe someone here speaks Chinese?
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It could also be a Falun Gong smear campaign against the Chinese government; they do stuff like that, although I would expect their English to be better.
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Life's a bitch, apparently.
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