Tabbed Browsing in IE
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I am doing some temporary work in an office, and I am stuck using Internet Explorer. Is there some kind of Java applet I can use to replicate tabbed browsing? I can't install any kind of extension for IE, so thats a no go.
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If the PC is running XP and you can install (or get installed) SP2, then IE itself will have what you want.
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Failing that you should be able to install CrazyBrowser. It doesn't require administrator provileges to install, so their shouldn't be any technical problems to getting it on your PC. Basically it uses the IE engine with added tabbed browsing and pop-up blocking. Seeing as it uses the IE engine, it will use the exsisting IE settings for it's connection to the network, should be tinker free.
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You could get a usb flash drive (thumbdrive) and just install Firefox on it. That's what I do.
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billsaythis: er...are you saying that SP2 includes tabbed browsing? Because, well...I don't think it does.
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bingo: I am sure that I've read in many places that it does.
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Response by poster: Like I said, it's not my PC so I can't just install browser extensions, as other people using it will notice...SP2 is also out of the question, and I can't afford a USB drive. So I'm screwed?
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You might want to check out Sleipnir, a browser that runs on top of IE. It's Japanese, but there's an English version (click the English link at the top of the page for an gobbledygook translation). The version I tried out last year didn't require installation, just plant it somewhere and run, and it saved state information in INI files, so there was no registry pollution (in case that's changed recently, here's a direct link to the old version). Looking at the directory I unpacked it to, the size of the file suite is 1.3 megs -- you may be able to run Sleipnir from a floppy.
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Some other browsers that use the IE engine (besides CrazyBrowser and Sleipnir) are Maxthon (formerly MyIE2) and Avant Browser.
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