Arrgh, major outlook synching problem!
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My boss and I are both going crazy because I can't sync with her Outlook calendar on my own computer and her Blackberry won't sync with her Outlook. If she tries to download her new schedule to the Blackberry, it will erase her schedule on the hand-held instead! Help!!

We tried Sun Java System Connector and we can't seem to get the issue worked out. It started over a week ago. We are the only two people in the office with this problem. It's driving us up the wall. We're using XP and Outlook 2003 SP3.
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I'm not sure what you mean by not being able to sync with your boss's Outlook calendar on your computer. There's no sync going on there, generally - you have your own Outlook calendar on your computer, and if you're using Exchange, you sync your local copy of your Outlook data store with Exchange.

I don't know too much about Blackberries specifically, but I have a Windows Mobile phone and I sync with Outlook using that. There are settings within the sync software used for this (ActiveSync) that control whether data is copied wholesale from the computer to the phone, or vice versa, or synchronized in both directions. Perhaps you have the analogous setting wrong in your software?
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Oh, have you actually used the Blackberry desktop software? I'm not familiar with Sun Java System Connector for this, but my Blackberry-using friends have some software that they received with the Blackberry that's from RIM, not Sun.
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Response by poster: I'll see if I can find the RIM software, (un)fortunately my boss goes out of town tomorrow. So, yes, the problem is with Exchange, I'm completely unable to access her calendar, something I was able to do two weeks ago.
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Ok, that may well just be a permissions issue. Check with your Exchange admin about said permissions. Can you access it with your login from another computer?
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