Recurring appointments vs Outlook 2007 vs Handhelds
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How do I stop the discrepancy in recurring appointment times between handhelds and Outlook 2007? They do not seem to be syncing correctly.

At our office, we have four different types handhelds (Treo, Palm Pilot, and Blackberry Curve and Pearl).

All recurring appointments seem to be adjusted by six hours - if a meeting is scheduled for 10:00 AM, Outlook 2007 shows it is at 10:00 AM, but all the handhelds show it at 5:00 AM, and people get cranky when their phones do a reminder at 4:45 AM for a meeting that isn't until 10:00 AM.

I found this discussion on a Microsoft forum about this, with no solution.

I've spent about two hours on the phone with our cell phone provider, with no solution found.

Is there a fix? If not, what is your work-around for the recurring appointments?
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Are you synching with a version of microsoft exchange in the office? And if so, what version?
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Are the time zones set properly on each handheld and server? And are the times themselves synced to something?

For the Blackberries, are they based on a BES Server, or just syncing through OWA?

Are you sure this is linked to Outlook 2007? OWA, a BES Server and your handhelds are usually linked straight to your Exchange server, not the Outlook client... unless you're syncing through USB/Bluetooth.
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Response by poster: We're using Exchange 2003. We were using a different mail server and having these same problems, but upgraded to Exchange a couple of months ago. We were hoping it would fix the problem, but it did not go away.

We're using the Blackberry Redirector software for the Blackberry syncing - not the BES Server.

For the Treos, we're using Verizon's Wireless Sync software.

We did check all the time zone settings and verified they are correct.

I'm assuming it is an Outlook problem since it's been happening with different platforms of handhelds and syncing software, not just the Blackberries and not just the Treos. But I may be wrong.
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