Where to stay in Barcelona?
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Pair of mid-20s friends looking for a place to stay in Barcelona in early June. I've read up a bit on the neighborhoods and it sounds like the popular, touristy area is near Las Ramblas. However, many of the modern tourist attractions are farther to the northeast. Help!

I'm having trouble nailing down a neighborhood to find a hotel to stay. I love being in an urban neighborhood that's great for walking around day and night, cheap eats, and great shops. Since this will be our first time to Barcelona, we'll likely be heading to the big tourist spots as well which seem to be northeast of the old town center. So far I've picked out Hotel Del Mar just north of Las Ramblas but near a good metro station. What do you think? Should I go closer to the center or farther? Any suggested hotels for 6/1-6/6? Budget max is $200/night for the 5 nights.
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You should stay near Las Ramblas. We stayed at the Duques de Bergera and liked it a lot.

There's a really good hop-on hop-off tourist bus in Barcelona that makes all the tourist sites really easy to get to, but for just walking around you really want to be near Las Ramblas.
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Best answer: I agree, Las Ramblas is the place to stay. Barcelona has excellent subways and buses, easy to figure out, so you can get to all the outlying sites easily. I recommend Hotel Lleo, steps from Las Ramblas. Modern, well-appointed, great location, not too expensive.
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Barcelona is a great walking city. There's a tourist bus that is a good way to start, esp if you buy a 2-day ticket. You can get on and off as you choose, so the bus will get you around to the touristic destinations without locking you in to an itinerary.

You might also consider looking for an apartment rental -- this gives you the option of having some meals at "home," which will help your budget.

So wherever you are, as long as you are close to a Metro station, you'll have no trouble getting around.
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Here is the newer website for Hotel Lleo.
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There's no reason to be near Sagrada Familia or Parc Guell, if those are the attractions in the northeast you're thinking of. It's an easy metro ride to either, and they're more like day trips than something you want to be near.
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Best answer: I stayed at Hotel Lleo too. The location is very good, near the Rambla, and steps from the Plaza Catalunya metro station. Many buses also stops there.
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My friends & I rented an apartment from Hostal Levante in Barrio Gotic, which was pretty handy (kitchen, etc.). Note: I'm a sucker for winding narrow streets, which Barrio Gotic supplies in spades. You may feel differently.
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I stayed at a university residence (Residencia de Gracia) which was a 5-minute walk to the metro station for about 70 euros per night.

The Barcelona metro system is fantastic and affordable. As long as you stay near a metro stop, you won't have to worry too much about anything else.

I would like to recommend venere.com and the customer ratings. They are a reservation service but you don't pay them, I think the hotels do. I have stayed in Paris, Rome, Venice, Barcelona and Madrid using their service and I only have excellent things to say about them.

Barcelona is an awesome city. Have fun!
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have you considered couchsurfing ?
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When I was there we rented an apartment across from the Sagrada Familia. The price was fantastic, and you can't beat having a view of the front of the cathedral! It was especially great because the Sagrada Familia metro stop is very convenient. I would recommend it - much safer and cheaper than staying near La Rambla.
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Response by poster: Thanks for all the suggestions. I took a look at everything and Hotel Lleo will work out nicely and they had availability.

I should have stated that while I'm all for staying in apartments and hostels, unfortunately my travel partner is a bit more... high-maintenance so it's a hotels-only trip this time.
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