Speed of SD cards
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About to get a new Palm, and I'm wondering about Secure Digital (SD) cards. Now, word on the street is that different cards perform at different speeds, and that SanDisk is the slowest of them. Those of you who use SD cards with your handhelds and cameras, what brands and capacities have worked best for you? (As of now, I have my eye on a Lexar 256MB, maybe a 512MB.)
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When I bought my Tungsten T 18 months ago, there was indeed a huge problem with Sandisk cards being very slow or unreadable on them. I would avoid them unless you can find consistent documented proof (and not from one joe who owns one and says it works fine) otherwise.

Your best best is to take a scoot through the forums and whatnot at brighthand.com and see what people are saying about the *particular* Palm you're considering in relation to the media you want to buy.

I have a Lexar 256 and it's superb. Indeed, I've never had any trouble with Lexar. I also use their memory sticks in my DVR.
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My local camera shop recently switched from carrying SanDisk to Lexar cards for exactly this reason. Same price, better speed / reliability.

I've used SanDisk cards in my camera without problem, but my camera isn't near fast enough to flood the card's bandwidth.
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