Flashcard software for OSX and Palm?
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Flashcard program for OSX with Palm integration?

I need a solution that will allow me to use my flashcards on my Mac and on my Palm T|X, with any new cards added or changes to whether a card has been learnt syncing with the other system.

Following this question, I tried Pauker, as it has a complementary Pauker Mini. However, I can't the desktop Pauker to work consistently - nine times out of ten it won't start.

I've also tried Genius and JMemorize, and exporting to Twinkle, but the format of both the exported CSVs don't match the required format required to import CSV into the Twinkle desktop editor, and I don't know how to change either one or Twinkle so that they're compatible.

So does anyone have any solutions to either get Pauker working or get Twinkle and Genius or JMemorize playing nicely together? Or alternatively, a completely different software recommendation?
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Best answer: Oddly enough, I just wrote two articles about flashcards on the mac.

Unfortunately, I am not certain just how useful they would be for you.


The first link goes over a few apps - I found ProVoc to be an AMAZING computer based flashcard program but am uncertain of its palm abilities.

The second link , I go into detail on how to use a photogallery on an iPod, but the basics should work for any smartphone or pda that can use image files.

Hope this helps you. (And check out ProVoc, it's incredible for Freeware)
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Response by poster: It's not quite the solution I was looking for overall, but thanks for the ProVoc tip. I'm definitely going to have to look at that.
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