Help be get the best deal on memory for my cameras.
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Digital camera memory, does brand matter for SD or CF? (looking for two different cameras)

Purchasing memory for two cameras, and price variance is high. I've looked at Newegg, (seems to be the best prices). Is this one of those where you "get what you pay for?" FWIW, both cameras are for casual use. The one that needs CF memory is for a photography student. Thanks in advance!
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Response by poster: err help me, not be. sorry.
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There are two things you as a consumer should be interested in: Speed and reliability. I believe reliability is pretty high for all of them (though some older lexar cards have a (fixable) firmware bug which can cause photos to be lost).

In terms of speed, try this site. This will affect how quickly you can take pictures, though all cameras have some internal buffer so how much this matters depends on the camera. This will also affect transfer to a computer.
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Most of the flash on the market is pretty similar. Personally, I look for stuff that has a decent warranty. I've got a lot of gadgets, and the stuff gets put through it's paces. Never had a lick of trouble with SanDisk or Kingston, though.
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They're all pretty much identical in terms of reliability. With the exception of the very low-end nobrand name models. Sandisk & Kingston are what my company deals with and i've had no complaints.

Also you have to consider what the person your getting these cards for is using them for. 'Faster' cards such as the Sandisk Extreme III CF card series are very useful for action/sports shots and rapid shooting and the price reflects that, but to take portraits of grandma they don't make a difference at all.
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There is a very nice performance database maintained by Rob Galbraith at href=""
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You should also take into account the speed at which your camera saves images to memory. It may not matter how fast your memory card is, if your camera can't take advantage of that speed.
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If the CF camera is a Canon DSLR, there have been compatiability issues with Lexar in the past. That said, have used Lexar cards in both Canon and Nikon cameras without a problem. According to various internet forums, there have been counterfit cards sold via eBay and other outlets; the reputation of the seeler might be more important than the brand of card.

Sandisk and Lexar seem to be the most popular, though. And the performance of the Sandisk Ultra II seems to be indistinguishable from the Extreme III for most people, for much less money.
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Beware of Sandisk Extreme cards offered at what seem to be extremely low prices. There has been a rash of counterfeit cards from China that are much slower than expected.
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Best answer: I rely on both Sandisk and Lexar CF cards on a daily basis, since I make my living as a photographer. Personally, I prefer the Sandisk Ultra II's for speed and price. The Extreme III's are good too, but only if you're working in extreme temp's and environments, which I sometimes do. I've had a couple cheapo CF cards fail, so regardless of brand I feel you're better off spending the money for better cards - its an awful feeling to lose a large set of photos!
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Oh yeah, the bogus Sandisk cards may have ben Ultras rather than Extremes. Basically, don't buy Sandisk cards off Ebay, buy 'em from a legit dealer.
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Response by poster: The CF is for a Nikon D70s. The SD is for a Nikon Coolpix P2 that I am about to purchase.

Thanks for all the input!
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