Fun in Berkeley on Cinco de Mayo
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Cinco de Mayo in Berkeley ... where to go?

My friends and I will be in Berkeley on Cinco de Mayo. I was wondering if there's anything fun to do after 10-ish that day by way of bars or clubs. Walking distance from the Berkeley City Club preferable.

Bands and dancing are fine; would prefer an older (late 20s/30s/40s) crowd, as opposed to a college meat market. Cider and lots of microbrews on tap is a plus. Light- to medium-sized crowds (as opposed to a crushing throng of Cinco de Mayo revelers) also a plus.

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Maybe Jupiter?
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Jupiter meets all your requirements except for lack of crowds. It's almost guaranteed to be crowded, although if you get a table upstairs or outside it may be tolerable -- if not, you might try around the far end outside -- it's usually the patio area nearest to the bar that fills up first. They probably will have a jazz band or someone playing on the patio (or upstairs). Jupiter typically has guest taps, and full range of their own/triple rock's brews (which are slightly cheaper). Their pizza is excellent. If you can deal with the crowds, it's a great choice.

Other options include Triple Rock which is down the street. Probably about the same beer on tap as jupiter, doubt there will be a band, and I would think it would be less crowded. Lastly, Beckett's, mostly has import beers, -- I can't recall getting a lot of microbrews there -- but has good food. They may or may not be crowded; I don't remember them ever getting packed except on St Patrick's Day or whatever. I actually kinda like Golden Bear (on campus) even after they were bought by the Jupiter guys (they were a cool/scummy dive before then), but that's going to have a college crowd too (good beer though).

I would avoid Thalassa's (it's a pool hall, mostly -- I'd only visit if you want hard liquor), Henry's (too hotel-y/fratty), Kips (our drink of choice here was bud light; i'm pretty sure I used to drink here underage, if that gives you an idea of the crowd), Blake's (college-y). You *could* try Raleigh's, on Telegraph, but it also skews to the college crowd. I'm not a big Spats fan either (i'm sure someone will mention them eventually -- if they're even still around). I'm sure there's some other options I'm forgetting.
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oh, all of those are walkable in probably under 5 minutes from Berkeley City Club -- Jupiter and Beckett's are on the main Shattuck drag, and Third Rock is only a little bit off of it (across University). Thalassa and Spats are also in that general area. I would probably head to Shattuck, see how crowded Jupiter is, and then decide if you want to try for Beckett's (1 block away) or Triple Rock (1 or 2 blocks).

Kips, Henry's, Blake's and Raleighs are all up on Telegraph.
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Downtown Berkeley nightlife is not really all that great unless you are a college kid (even then, you'd have to be a particular type of college kid). Jupiter is probably the only place I go with any frequency. It may not be too crowded on a Monday night, and since most Cinco de Mayo revelry will have taken place over the weekend, I think you'll do OK there.
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