Post-Sunday-wedding bar in Berkeley
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What's a cool bar in Berkeley that a wedding crowd can go to after we get kicked out of the reception venue at 10:30pm this Sunday?

Good friends are getting married in Berkeley this Sunday evening. Since we have to be out of the reception venue (near Tilden Park) by 10:30, I've been tasked with finding a cool bar to go to for the after-party.

Qualifiers: Open till 1 or 2 am (again, on a Sunday); age-appropriate (the people going out will be late 20's/early 30's); dive bars are ok but nothing too rowdy or seedy; clubs/lounges might be okay, but nowhere so loud that and conversation is impossible. Also I've been warned that the wedding food will be disappointing, so bonus points for a bar that's close to somewhere that serves food late (eg pizza by the slice or something).

Berkeley area is preferable (I know a lot of people going out are staying at hotels on University). North Oakland might be okay if it doesn't involve a very expensive cab ride. Thanks in advance!
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This isn't really close to food, but they are near University and San Pablo - Albatross is open until 2.

Jupiter is popular, but they close at midnight.

Townie is new and hip, but they also close at midnight.
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Missouri Lounge is a "dive" in the sense of hipsters have appropriated a former actual dive bar. They are fairly roomy and I think comfortable. It's in Berkeley but kind of the opposite end of Berkeley from Tilden. They serve tasty food and are open till 2.
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Ok not Berkeley per-se but actually but almost easier is Hotsy Totsy

They usually have a pretty good taco truck outside but I'm not sure its going to be there at 2am on a Sunday. There is a 24/7 Taco Bell close by though. (Note the food is going to be hard to get...)

Also close by in Albany (but no food) is Club Mallard

Both they Totsy and Mallard would probably let you order a pizza or something.
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Acme Bar is a dive, but good. This Indian restaurant has a cocktail bar with a nice atmosphere and late-night snacks.
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2nding the Mallard or the Albatross, but neither would have live music. The Mallard has a nice upstairs with pool tables, and the Albatross has games & dart boards. You can order pizza at the Mallard from the place across the street & they'll deliver. the Albatross has popcorn & not much else.
Where ever you end up it would be courteous to call ahead & notify them there's a big group coming....
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One other option (pretty close to Acme and the Missouri Lounge) would be Prizefighter in Emeryville. (Bonus: they have punch bowls, so good for a group.) They don't serve food but they're cool with you bringing it in.
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I almost suggested prizefighter though it's a hike. If you go that route get someone down there early to get a few pies from rotten city pizza (Across the street from prizefighter)
Before they close at 10
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I'd like to third Prizefighter.
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I shall 4th prizefighter because I have actually been there on a night where we saw a wedding party and guests drinking it up. I also second getting pizza at rotten city pizza before hand because they are the most delicious!
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