Tupperware with a single lid size?
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Does anyone know if they make a Tupperware or Tupperware-like food storage container system that has one interchangeable lid size for all the different bins?

I have a lot of bins and a lot of lids of different sizes and it can get frustrating. I thought they made one that had lids all the same size for easy use, but I cannot find it. I could have sworn I saw an ad for something like this a few years ago.
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The Ziploc "Twist 'N Loc" line has several different sizes that use the same round lids. And they twist and lock! (less worries about spilling soup all over my purse!)
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The Swirl A Round has three container sizes all with the same-size lids. And a Google search for "food storage interchangeable lids" reveals several others.
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The Rubbermaind Premier is what we've got. It uses two lid sizes for four sizes of container. I love 'em.
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Rubbermaid Premier has BPA. http://www.rubbermaid.com/rubbermaid/bpa-info.jhtml

Ziploc does not have BPA: http://www.scjohnson.ca/en/news/item1.html

I just happened to stumble across this when looking into my own storage container BPA content and thought I would pass it along.
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The Swirl A Round's lids do not seal air/liquid tight. In other words, if a family member gives you one full of fresh fruit and it tips over during the car ride home, you're going to have sticky fruit juice over your car seats.
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You're probably thinking of Tupperware's Modular Mates. Check the storage category on their website. All the oval bins share the same lid size, as do all the square ones, super oval ones, etc. Since they're the same containers that Tupperware has been selling for years, if you lose a lid or just want lids in different colors, you can buy replacements at any time.
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I love CamWear pans, they are a bit pricey at $3-10 per container+lid, but they absolutely rock. I mostly use the flat lids. The seal lids listed on that page aren't very good. But if you really feel the need for actual seals (and I would suggest you reevaluate that need (the seal is as much as a plate sitting atop a bowl)), the grip lids provide a serious seal.

You can find them at your local restaurant supply house (look in the yellow pages and call them up and see if they are open to the public (many are)).

So, what makes them worth the price you ask; They are basically unstainable. They are durable. They can be used in the cupboard, fridge, or freezer. You can pour hot things straight into them (think soup straight from the stovetop (or think hot ice cream base that you first put in the fridge to cool and than into the freezer to chill further)). They stack well (full or stored), if you stick to one size (I'd suggest 1/6th) in varying depths. They are pretty darned non-stick and easy to clean. They are durable as heck. And remember, they were designed for years of abuse in commercial kitchens.
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I saw an ad on TV the other day for Smart Lidz, and while I can't vouch for them myself, they look pretty neat.
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2nd Rubbermaid Premier. After a dumb and unnecessary argument with the significant other re: tupperware (we had like 4 brands of stuff that were identically sized and shaped but had non-interchangeable lids), we pitched all of ours and bought two identical sets of the Rubbermaid Premier--we now have 4 sizes of tupperware but only two different lid sizes (and the lids interlock!). It has been fantastic.

Have I really reached the point in my life that I refer to Tupperware as fantastic? Apparently. *sigh*
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Can I just note that only Tupperware makes Tupperware? Everyone else makes plastic containers.
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I have a Tupperware Rock 'n Serve set. It looks like they only make them in black/red now, but the sizes look the same. The set I got had 12 containers with two different diameters, so six interchangeable lids for the smaller and larger sizes.

Tupperware is expensive, but it holds up well and has a lifetime warranty.
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