Minimizing MS-DOS
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Is there a way to hide a DOS window when it is minimized on a Windows XP toolbar? [more inside]

I have been using Instiki for a while now, but it requires the Ruby Web Server application to be running in order to access the application. This is all good and well, but it keeps a DOS window open on the task bar, which I don't like, and keep closing. As the wiki content increases, however, it takes a lot longer to load the server application and associated files. Ideally, I'd like to be able to load the server application in my startup file and hide the command window. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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I use a program called watchcat, and it's pretty versatile. You can set up rules to hide specific windows, but I haven't played with that. You can also just hide it every time you boot up. Simple management from a tray icon or with shortcut keys (hide current window, hide all windows, show all windows, etc).

You can get it free at:,fid,7343,00.asp

(I'd link to the author's page but it seems to be down at the moment).
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Ruby for Windows comes with rubyw.exe, which works just like ruby.exe except it hides the console window. Just set it up so that your .rb files or shortcut to instiki use rubyw.exe.
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Second the recommendation for WatchCat; among its many features, it allows you to hide or otherwise manage by using the right mouse button on the minimize, maximize, and close buttons already provided in the window.

That said, the missing site in question has been missing for a few years now.
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You might just want to run your program as a service, which is generally how such background applications are handled under Windows. The idea of something like WatchCat hiding applications which are connected to the window station is kind of creepy.
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And to get it to run as a service, you might use XYNTService. Which is, in fact, how I run my personal Wikiserver.
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