Should I replace my hard drive or buy a new computer?
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I have a PC that I use to test web sites on Windows browsers (my main computer's a Mac). I tried to upgrade to Windows XP, and the XP installer seems to have wrecked the hard drive. Should I replace my hard drive or buy a new computer? [sketchy details inside]

I had the Windows XP installer erase and format the drive. I get paging errors (or something like that) during installation. The PC's an old Compaq Presario I got for free. Does it make sense to replace the hard drive, or should I just get a cheap Dell? (And if I want Windows XP, should I buy it with the computer or install it myself?)
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Get a copy of Partition Magic, I'm willing to bet five bucks it'll fix your hard drive.
posted by Jairus at 11:42 AM on January 27, 2004

If all you use it for is testing web sites on Windows browsers, you might consider just buying a copy of Virtual PC instead of a new computer.
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...mind you, paging errors might be symptomatic of a greater problem. If you wipe/clean the HD with PM or a similar program, and you still have problems installing XP, it might be that your computer isn't up to XP's standards. You should check your box against the Microsoft Windows Hardware Compatibility List. If that fails, write down the error and post it here, and I'll see if I can help.
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Can I boot from the Partition Magic CD-ROM? Since I wiped the hard drive and the installation didn't finish, I can't boot from the hard drive.

My Mac's a G5, so I can't use VirtualPC.

I think my PC's a Presario 3550 (it's at home, I'm at work). The hardware compatibility list directed me to Windows Catalog, which lists Presario 3000, but not 3550.
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kirkaracha: PM will boot from CD, yes. You can also use it (on a working computer) to create rescue diskettes, if you have any problems with the CD boot.
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Could be memory problems.
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Aye. Paging sounds like a memory problems, but it may also be a page file (virtual memory, on the hard disk) issue.
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Or, consider just getting a BrowserCam account.
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