Is there a nice frontend to Lucene to search anything on your PC?
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Joel just blogged about Microsoft's recent acquisition of Lookout (a search plug-in for Outlook) and in the comments it turns out that Lookout used a .NET port of the Lucene open-source engine. So, inevitably the question arises; is there any nice front-end to the same engine that can search anything on your PC? (Lookout actually can, but it is unmaintained now). This comes close, but not quite...

Re: DocSearcher: the "not quite" barb goes to that after downloading it, and read thru their entire site, I still haven't been able to set it up... there has to be something simpler than this.
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There's a java app called Luke that might do what you need. From the home page:

Luke is a handy development and diagnostic tool, which accesses already existing Lucene indexes and allows you to display and modify their contents in several ways...

I don't know whether Luke will actually create the indexes or if you'll need to do that separately.

I'd also like to say that this is my first metafilter post.

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Daniel Gelernter (the Yale CS prof who was badly injured by the Unabomber) used to have a product called "ScopeWare" that tried to index all sorts of content, but while I can find a recent review of it, the site itself doesn't seem to be responding, so I don't know if it's defunct or not. It was supposed interface with Outlook, as I recall.

Mitch Kapor was heading up an open-source PIM project called "Chandler", but I haven't heard anything about that in a while, either, and that was supposed to be more of an Outlook replacement than a supplement. NEO (formerly "Nelson") is a search tool that only indexes Outlook content, so that's probably not what you're looking for either.

Finally, there's always Enfish. It's a commercial product, but it's been around for a while.

[Disclaimer: I don't have any affiliation with any of these products, and while I'm clearly interested in these products, I've not yet found one that was so good that I ended up using it regularly.]
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