How do I perform a tricky search, select, and export in Outlook 2003?
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How do I search across multiple PSTs in Outlook 2003 and export messages that contain a certain keyword or email address in the To: or From: field?

At the request of my boss, I am searching across 4 PSTs for a particular couple of keywords in the body of the message, and a particular couple of email addresses in the To: or From: fields. I have indexed her hard drive using Google Desktop, which greatly improves the search functionality of Outlook.

Using the Google Desktop search shows me that there are 179 emails that meet the search criteria. My question is, how can I then take these 179 messages and export them, without going back through Outlook and individually selecting them? Or, if there is a superior method I haven't thought of, I would love to hear it! It doesn't matter what format the export is in, as long as it is readable.

I'm on Windows XP Pro, if it makes any difference.

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If you open all four PSTs in Outlook and search for the keyword, it should bring up all of the matching emails. You can just select them all and drag them into whatever folder you need.
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I think you want Lookout, a plug-in that greatly improves the search capabilities of Outlook 2000/3/XP. Or upgrade to Outlook 2007, which incorporates Lookout (Microsoft bought it).

Basically it'll let you type in the string you're looking for, and it will filter all your mail items. Just be sure the PSTs are open as Personal folders in Outlook.

An article about Lookout, and the download. Caveat: the plug-in isn't a MSFT product and isn't supported
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Open the PSTs in outlook and create a search folder. All of the emails that match your requirements will be listed in that folder and you can do with them as you will.
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Thanks for the answers so far. I am indexing with Lookout right now and it looks promising.

cimbrog, I tried your suggestion but I can't get a search folder created that bridges multiple PSTs. Each of the PSTs opened as a Personal Folder has its own option for Search Folder.
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