Beginner level PHP / mySQL project tutorials
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GeekLearningFilter: I need to learn how to do some fun stuff with php and MySQL or PostgreSQL. Of course I shall expand on this within...

Basically, I need to take demographic data (names, addresses, birthdates, etc.) in via a webform, put it into a database (I already know basically how to do this) and then extract some of that info into web pages in alpha order and divided along the lines of an address book.

Can the MeFi Geek Brigade point me toward favorite tutorials/how-to guides and other php+database fu learning sites that can move me toward my goal of making this happen without hiring someone?
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I'd just do a search for "php mysql ~tutorial beginner" on Google--you'll find plenty of results. That's how I learned.
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Best answer: I just finished doing something much like what you're talking about, starting from about the same point.

I used this webmonkey tutorial extensively, with occasional reference to two devshed ones: Website Database Basics With PHP and MySQL and Quick and Dirty Search Engine with PHP and MySQL.

Also, htmlentities() and html_entity_decode() are your friends.
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This is easy. Use google to find out how. My consulting rate for this kind of thing is $150/hour.
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They're not websites, but I recommend O'Reilly's PHP Cookbook or Sams' PHP Developer's Cookbook.
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Response by poster: Thanks, gleuschk, that's exactly what I was hoping for. Nerts to you, Kwantsar. I know how to Google, I was looking for recommendations. From you know, experience. (Insert, via your imagination, an image of me making a "nyah!" face here.)
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