Computer problems? Just reboot and return to out of box state.
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I went to a community college and the computers they had were able to reimage them self each time you rebooted the computer. You could trash the whole OS and render it useless but when you turned it off and back on it was in an OOB state. Where can I find something like this? It would be perfect for work.
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We used software like that at college; it was called Deep Freeze.
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Yep, Deep Freeze is what most places use. Microsoft also has a free solution called Windows SteadyState.
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Best answer: We used Deep Freeze in the labs at my college too.
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Two other easy ways to achieve effects like this: boot from a Live CD; boot straight into a virtual machine app (that always starts with a fresh image.)
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We use one of the above solutions for our public access computers at work. These are heavily locked down machines though.

If you are in a similar situation, go for it. But if this is just for your own use or the use of other trusted users, I would consider going the VM route that Zed mentions.
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If you have a good network, you could also consider netbooting, of course.
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Driveshield / MacShield (See also)
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Yeah, sounds like DeepFreeze to me too, we used it at the university where I worked. It's really handy for testing software or for trial-period software that you only use occasionally.
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