MLB Gameday Audio Mobile on unsupported phone?
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Are any of you baseball fans subscribing to MLB's Gameday Audio Mobile and using an unsupported device? If so, how does it work, both quality and ease of setting it up?

Piggybacking on an earlier post today, I'm already subscribed to MLB's Gameday Audio, and have a much-too-complicated setup to stream the audio from my home computer to my phone. I'd much rather use their Gameday Audio Mobile service, but their list of supported devices excludes mine (Dash running Windows Mobile 6 Standard on T-Mobile). They say more will be supported in the future, but they've been saying that for a couple of years now.

Is this a service provider issue or really a device issue? Are any of you subscribed to the mobile service with a device/service provider that's not on their official list? Does it work well? Easy to set up? Is this too many questions for a single post?
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