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As a gift, I'd like to be able to order Californian wine from a Napa or Santa Barbara winery (or anywhere) and have it mailed to a family member in the United Kingdom. (I live in Los Angeles)

I know a lot of wineries do mail deliveries, but are international deliveries possible? Can anyone recommend a winery for this kind of thing. THANKS!
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International shipping will be either: a) affordable by sea freight but will take 3 months; or b) cost an arm and a leg but get there reasonably quickly by plane.

You don’t need shipping from a US winery, you need a British wine merchant to do a local delivery. Can I suggest Oddbins, Majestic Wine Warehouse or Lea & Sandeman? All good, all very reputable.
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dmt has told you exactly what I would have recommended.
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As anecdotal evidence that dmt has the right idea:

When I was living in California, I had visited the UK, where an old friend (who was on the Oxford Wine-Tasting Team at the time (yes, that's a real thing; they had beat Cambridge that year)) took my friend and me out to dinner. I decided to send her a nice bottle of California wine before discovering that the requirements for international shipping of alcoholic products seemed, umm, rather burdensome.

Eventually, I sent her a thank-you (and some other gift, I suppose) and drank the wine.
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Find a UK distributor and have it shipped directly to the UK address.


Their 'find a wine' search is quite detailed and extensive.
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