Addresses from phone numbers.
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I've got a list of phone numbers (xxx-xxx-xxxx) that I need addresses for. I know I can Google them, one at a time, and get the addresses, but is there a way I can do them in batches?
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What country are the numbers from? It might matter.
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you could set up an excel worksheet with them and have a field that queries google, then copy paste it all the way down?
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Response by poster: They're U.S. phone numbers.

thilmony -- can you explain how to create a field that queries Google?
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I'm not thilmony, but here's a primer.
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If you're willing to pay, Melissa Data should be able to help.
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sorry I just checked back. jtfowl0 linked to a good resource. I'll build a tiny spreadsheet and email it to you and get it to work and post the cell formula if i get a chance.
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Response by poster: That would be fantastic, thilmony. In case you do get to it, I just mefi-mailed you my email address, since I don't think attachments go through mefi-mail.
posted by Framer at 11:22 AM on April 9, 2008 has good info -- if you want to pay. All you do is download a spreadsheet and give them a credit card.
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