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Good pubs near the Carling Academy, Birmingham...

I am looking for good pubs within walking distance of the Carling Academy in Birmingham (UK) - postcode: B4 7LS - that serve good real ale, and preferably food.

Personal recommendations are preferred, also directions or an address would be useful.
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Almost across the road (well, round the corner, up the slope and across the road) on Corporation St. is the Square Peg (a Wetherspoons, but a reasonably nice one). Large and anonymous, but there are a couple of good ales on tap and the food, although it's standard pub chain fare, is perfectly edible. Oh, and it's one of the cheapest places in town to drink. There's also a good chance of finding somewhere to sit down too. B4 6PH.

Avoid at all costs drinking at the Academy itself. Even if you can tolerate a pint of Carling, the Academy stuff is undrinkable and extremely expensive.
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If it's convenience you're wanting then Scruffy Murphy's (if it's still there - it's almost next door to the Academy) or Fibber McGee's down the bottom of Corporation Street might fit the bill - they both used to have good ale and Addlestones scrumpy cider. The food isn't cordon bleu - it's standard pub fare - but both places are cosy and friendly. The Crown (just up from Scruffy's) is also okay for for pub grub, though not so much choice of real ale.

If you want real ale, you'll have to walk a bit to The Tap and Spile near Symphony Hall.

Finally, if you want better food then Corporation Street has a few choices - McKenzie's (formerly Quo Vadis) amongst them and a place almost opposite (forget what it's called)

Whatever you choose, Beer in the Evening is a great resource.
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Response by poster: Seeing as I can still respond here, the best pub within walking distance of the Carling Academy that I have discovered is The Wellington - a specialist real ale pub with 15 handtaps for ale, 2 for cider and a wide selection of single malts. And not a Carling to be found!

It's also just around the corner from a Fuller's Ale and Pie House - The Old Joint Stock.
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