Is there public transportation to Putnam County (New York) Supreme Court?
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What are my transportation options for traveling from Manhattan to Putnam County Supreme Court in Carmel, New York?

I need to attend a court proceeding at Putnam Co. Supreme (20 County Center, near lake Gleneida) later this month and don't know the area. Borrowing a car is an option but that's really my last resort. I'm wondering

-- If it's possible to get near the courthouse via Putnam Area Rapid Transit bus from a Metro-North rail station (the PART website was confusing, but it doesn't look like the routes do what I need here)
-- Whether it's possible to hail or call a cab from Southeast train station
-- If cab is a good choice, fare estimates and phone numbers for recommended taxi services.
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The Brewster station is actually a little closer to Carmel than the Southeast station. There is also bus service from Brewster to Carmel. But the round trip fare from Grand Central to Brewster is $26 already; add money for bus and you're probably talking more than $30, or even $40 if you cab -- so it might be worth your while to just rent a car.
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