Please help me identify this porcelain doll.
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I picked up this porcelain doll at a thrift store a couple years ago hoping to sell her, but I was never able to identify her age, name, or manufacturer, so I've got no idea what she might be worth. Can you help me identify her? Photos and more details inside.

She stands about 19" tall, and has a soft torso with porcelain arms and lower legs. Her only identifying mark is a stamp in the porcelain at the base of her neck of the letters "FHD". She has a sewn pocket in the back of her torso for a doll stand to slip into.

Here are some photos of the doll. I would appreciate any information that would help me price the doll correctly.
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Made by Franklin Mint. One sold on ebay for $16.

There is more information and other prices to be found via google. I found the above in around 20 seconds.
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Response by poster: Thanks for that info; knowing the manufacturer is a good start (I did try Google to find out what "FHD" might mean, but I suppose it would have been easier if I'd ever heard of Franklin Mint). The doll linked is significantly different from this one, though. Her arms and height are different, and that doll has glass eyes, while mine has painted ones.
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Best answer: Here she is at a slightly inflated price of $23. Princess Marigold.
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Woot! sell it on Amazons for $289.97
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Response by poster: Perfect, thank you!
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