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I would like to start doing some messy art: oil painting and maybe some metal sculpture. But my NYC apartment doesn't have any space for this. I was wondering if there are any studios in New York City (or Brooklyn) that one can rent (or share) by the hour. I won't be using it enough to rent the space for long periods. I might use it once a week. I might go a month without using it. The perfect place for me would be reasonably priced and stocked with basic equipment, i.e. easles. If there isn't a place like this, someone should start one. Not a bad business model for luring wanabe artists.
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A lot of the craigslistings for Office and Commercial are for Artist's studios.
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It might be cheaper to just take a class. Art students usually have access to studio space during off-class hours.
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you should be able to get a fraction of an artist's loft for $100-$200 month. Probably in brooklyn.
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I can't help you on the metal sculpture thing, but as a wannabe painter in a small apt, I can tell you the only really problematic space problem with painting is the canvases. You can get a collapsable easel or not use one. I use a huge old sheet and just throw it down over everything in the corner where my desk is so I don't get drips everywhere. You can stack canvases against a wall or in a pile under the bed.
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