It's a dress AND a painting!?
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There's an artwork on public display in my community that isn't labeled with the artist's name or the title of the piece, and I'd like to know more about it. The facility that has it on display doesn't have the information, so I'm hoping you could take a look at it (or just read my description) and tell me if you know more about it, or where I could find out who created it and what it is called. It's a rather unique piece, being a full-length overcoat that's been hardened/cast and mounted on a large canvas. The yellow floral pattern of the coat is seamlessly transferred to the background of the canvas. For a link to a phone-cam pic I took of it, click


There is an interesting story already attached to the work that I gleaned from others who encounter it frequently: Apparently a person comes or used to come to the public space where is is mounted on a semi-regular basis and cause a fuss with the staff because she insists she's the artist who created it and maintains that it was stolen from her and improperly attributed to another artist before it was acquired by the municipality that it is displayed in. She may be the reason that there's no informational tag associated with the work, but nobody here can tell me for sure and her tale is more jokey anecdote among the staff than historical record.

Also, once I was sitting near to the piece and another person walked up beside me and said, "Oh, they have a ____________" except she said the name of the artist she thought it was by. She was impressed! And quite sure of her attribution. I no longer recall the name she said, and I damn myself regularly for not jotting it down right then. But that woman gives me hope that you might recognize this piece and/or know who created it. Thanks!
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Where is it displayed?
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Could it be Jemima Wyman? She is a LA based artist whose works thematically engage camouflage.
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Response by poster: Where is it displayed?

Welp, I was not mentioning the exact space on purpose since it's my haunt, in a way, but it's hanging in the Beverly Hills Public Library.
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