ccd on Minolta Dimage s414
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Why did the ccd on my Minolta Dimage s414 stop working earlier this month? I used it the night prior to its death. The next day I needed to take some pics but all I got was a black screen with horizontal static. I tried new batteries. Does the camera hate me? It is still under warranty but I can't find any contact info and I am wary of just mailing it off and hoping for the best.
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Oddly, the very same thing happened this morning with my Canon A70. The one I saved for several years to buy. Fuck.
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(Sorry, I know that's not an answer -- that's me asking for help too...)
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Response by poster: Yeah, the problem is, I bought mine on ebay. It was definately new and not greymarket, but the only reciept I have is a paypal one, I can't remember if I registered the camera, I don't have the original warranty but I did get a copy from the Minolta website, and the website is fucking useless. All I can get from it is an address in NJ, I'm not mailing this thing off to NJ with no assurance that I'll ever get it back. It isn't as great a camera as yours, Stav. but it is damn good and its all I could afford.
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A similar thing is happening with my A60. I can see what I'm shooting, but just barely. Everything is dark and noisy. Batteries are fine and I didn't drop it. Add me to the "what gives?" pile.
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Response by poster: no, it's the ccd, not the lcd, I can take pictures of black with white static, and that's it. And the light meter isn't functioning either.
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Grod, give Minolta a call.

I had a problem with mine (it locked in macro mode) and didn't have a receipt. I bought it with cash from Ritz camera, lost the receipt and Ritz had a hardware failure at the same time. I was told that it wasn't necessary to have the receipt providing I had the original packaging -- they will email you the paperwork along with a customer service number.

I had mine back along with a new lens cap and a nice cleaning in about two weeks. BTW, I see what you mean about the site, what a worthless piece of crap. It wasn't as bad a year ago.
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Konica Minolta Photo Imaging U.S.A, Inc.
Camera Division
Primary Service Facility
725 Darlington Avenue
Mahwah, NJ 07430

Give 'em a call, see what they say?
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Response by poster: Thanks ceder and headspace!!!
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