Need a new lens block
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Lens Block on digital Minolta Dimage 7i needs to be replaced.

A reputable camera/video fix shop says it needs to be sent to Minolta for repair.

1. What is a lens block (is it specific to the lens or the camera)?

2. Is $219 plus tax a reasonable estimate for a fix?

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1. A lens block is the lens assembly in your integrated digicam, which normally includes the barrel and housings, all the optics (10 to 30 elements), the zoom and AF motors, and anything else that's tacked onto the lens barrel. If this was an interchangeable-lens SLR, you could replace the lens; here, you need to replace the lens block, which involves disassembling the camera.

2. Yes, this sounds about right for 7i. You may want to consider not repairing it at all, and spending about $400 on a new camera with somewhat better specs, or $600 on a new camera with much better specs. What's the problem with the lens?
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Response by poster: Thank you, azazello!

The man with the info on what specifically is wrong with the lens block was gone for the day. I'm going to take your advice and consider an upgrade, both for cost and because of the turn around time for a factory repair.

May I ask your opinion for a replacement? About 90% of the camera's use is for people candids.
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You should read the material on for choosing a new digicam (just browse the Cameras section). Candids require, in order of precedence, fast AF, fast lens (e.g. F2.4-F4.0 aperture range would do well), and good low-light performance (low noise at high ISO, good flash). The competition is fierce right now and many cameras would be acceptable for you. I won't recommend any models because I haven't had experience with many and digicams are very much a matter of preference.
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If you like(d) your 7i, the minolta A1 and A2 are very similar to it in feel and operation - along with lots of technical improvements.

The price for the repair sounds reasonable, but in your position I'd be paranoid that something else would break soon too. Unfortunately modern electronic gizmos don't seem to have much longevity.
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Response by poster: Picked up an A2 yesterday and we're falling in love. I appreciate the recommendation to peruse dpreview and other suggestions too.
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