Gay geeks... Are they more than one in a million?
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Kinda like the anonymous question a little bit ago, but looking for the geeky gay guys in Phoenix.

27yo geekish gay guy. Not some hot little boi but defenately not a troll. Everywhere I've looked for other guys of my persuasion have been either hook-up type places ( or in the bars, and the bars just seem full of extremely self absorbed, dumb as a box of rocks little queens. Does such a thing exist?

I'd rather curl up on the couch with a boy and watch bad sci-fi and play a videogame than go out clubbing.

I mean random hookups are nice and all but it's easier just to stay home an jack off. Or are my fears true... The mythical gay geek is truly a super-rare occurrence
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It's not a myth, they definitely exist. If your geekness trends toward Linux and open source, go to some Linux User Group (LUG) meetings, open source conferences, etc. I'm sure there are many gay Windows and Mac enthusiasts, but I just happen to run with the Linux crowd and know many lesbians and gay men in the community.
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Try bookstores, and libraries, or a new coffee house. From my experience living in Springfield-all the catchable geeks in the city are professionals-Magazine editors, shop owners, lawyers, or involved in local government. There is an abundant amount of great gay men out there, but looking at the local glory hole is going to catch you exactly that. A glory hole!
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H'm, I'm not sure how my uncles met, but they are *definitely* gay geeks. Both work at cool federal geekzoid program and in their spare time program their Linux computers to do new and odd things. They love staying home and watching BattleStar Gallactica (good scifi) and Firefly (best scifi!!).

I see you're in Phoenix- if you were in SoCal I'd suggest joining one of the myriad of groups at Caltech-JPL in Pasadena. They're a catchall for both JPL programmers and techies and Caltech undergrads and grads technowhizzes. What about finding an analog for that in Phoenix and joining it?
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I'm a gay geek. The only advice I have is that you're going to have better luck meeting boyfriend material at geek events/places than at gay events/places. Also from what you've said part of what you're looking for is a relationship, not just casual sex. Bars and online personals are not an easy place to find a relationship, with a geek or otherwise.
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I seem to remember Geek 2 Geek was actually FPPed a long time ago, and the site seems to have exploded in popularity since then due to viral marketing at events like DragonCon. It's a personals site exclusively for geeks, even those of alternative lifestyles.
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You sound like a Homobody!! Have you thought of trying a Craigslist post? In the past I met lots of cool geeky guys for social activities and dating. Good luck!
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Craigslist is worst than Totally raunchy.
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Hey kzin602 - you could also try

It's definitely no hook-up site, and you're unlikely to meet any other members in person as we're spread so far and wide - but for general discussion and to feel like you're part of a community after all, you could do a lot worse :-)
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Totally late on this one, but yeah, we're out there.

At Pride last year here in Philly, I was heartened to see that, in fact, there were plenty of guys there wearing shirts that said things like, "Talk Nerdy To Me."

I'd also suggest something like Though somewhat hipster-heavy, it's actually a pretty good resource for meeting other geeks. At least, your chances are better than with manhunt or craigslist. Additionally, I'd get out on Facebook and start networking. I actually belong to a facebook group called - get this - Gay Geeks.
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