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Where can the best Pho in NYC be found? A friend of mine and I are big fans of Vietnamese Pho soup. We've had it a few places, including Pho Grand and are looking for a new spot.
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Generally speaking, the Vietnamese food in NY is a little lackluster - the foodies at Chowhound haven't come up with many answers, but if you're willing to trek it in Brooklyn, Pho Tay Ho might be your best bet.
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Pho Bang
157 Mott St above Grand in Chinatown is pretty delicious. I had it last night and recently discovered that you can get the beef on the side--very exciting.
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There was a place on Mulberry, on the south side of Canal, that I used to go to all the time. But I'll be damned if I can remember the name of it.
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Having grown up on pho, i've spent the better part of 8 years trying to track down the perfect bowl of pho in the NYC area. Something that remotely compares to those found in Saigon (i'm a southern girl-- that nothern pho just doesnt suit me) or to the bowls mother still makes.

My answer sadly, is that there isn't one. Thai son is okay, Xe Lua is horrible, Pho Bang tastes watery to me.

So i've resorted to making my own.

Here's a good place to start if you're at all interested.

I'll be watching this thread hoping for a breakthrough!
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We went to Pho Na Trang on Baxter last night. My wife had the pho and said it was pretty good, and almost as good as Pho Pasteur in Boston.
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New Pasteur and Pho Na Trang are my favorites, and they're about two doors apart. Last time I tried to go to New Pasteur, though, they were closed for renovations.
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n-thing Nha Trang on Baxter. I've eaten Pho there several times, and it was great.
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Another vote for Na Trang here.
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I like Pho Pasteur and Nha Trang but my very fave is Cong Ly (). I am not Vietnamese but I have been to Vietnam, eaten a lot of pho there, and I know how to make my own pho (though I haven't done it in ages) taught to me by a Vietnamese friend, so I would say I really care about how pho tastes. Personally, I don't care for Pho Bang's pho...I find it a little sweeter than I like and it is a little watery, as modernsquid said.
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Pho Viet Huong
73 Mulberry St.
South of Canal Street

The food is always good as is the Pho....

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Seconding Pho Viet Huong. Also, get the papaya salad with beef.
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