Voicemail to RSS Embed - What are my options?
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Is there a service that will allow me to seamlessly embed a recorded voicemail into an RSS feed?

I was hoping http://drop.io would do the trick, but it doesn't embed the audio file into the RSS feed. It comes out as an attachment.
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To embed the audio file, it needs some type of enclosure or player to allow playback.

What are you using to generate the RSS feed? It it's WordPress, then you need something like the Audio Player plugin. I assume Movable Type has a similar plugin. Tumblr has a built-in player when you attach an audio file.
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This isn't going to be too specific, but it might be helpful to think of what you want as "automating posts to a podcast."
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Response by poster: That's exactly what I want Rhizome.

Junesix, I don't know of a way to use either of these that will allow me to use my cell phone to call in and record an MP3 and have it post automatically. That's pretty much what I'm asking. What *should* I use to generate the RSS feed?
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Have you seen Cinch? You call 646-200-0000 and it makes your voicemail into an RSS feed (http://cinch.blogtalkradio.com/yourphonenumber)

You don't have to sign up or do anything. But if you sign up you can mask your phone number.
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Did rickfu describe what you need?

If that's not it, I'm guessing you might need something that converts voicemails coming into your phone into a feed. GotVoice will convert voicemails into a RSS feed but it costs money. YouMail records voicemails and can send you an email with the VM as an attachment.
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Response by poster: Thanks for all the options. I also found http://utterz.com and, though their widgets are a bit too restrictive for my taste, it does what I want it to do.

Many thanks, hivemind.
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