How can I make my potatoes last longer?
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Potatoes don't last more than a week in my apartment. There is no cool, dry place to store them - my pantry is just as hot and muggy as the rest of the place. Any tips on creating a potato-friendly atmosphere in there? Would sticking them in a dry Igloo container help? Or am I doomed to a potato-less summer?

I feel very silly asking this, since people have obviously been keeping potatoes through the summer long before the invention of air conditioning... of course, what used to be a cellar here is now a laundry room, and I'd probably get funny looks for keeping a barrel of potatoes in it.
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My fridge is cold & dark: perfect for spuds...
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Buy them as you need them. Also, you might want to consider WHERE you have been buying them, as I have found potatoes from some places go green quick, and from other places last awhile.
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I did an ad campaign for potatoes several years ago and learned some tips. The head quality honcho at the Maine Dept of Agriculture said not to store your potatoes in the fridge since the starch turns to sugar from the cold - - dash_slot, you must have a sweet tooth ;-) He suggested buying potatoes in paper sacks because potatoes age faster exposed to light, so the clear plastic bags and loose taters sitting under grocery lighting doesn't help longevity. Light is bad for potatoes, it causes that greeness which tastes bitter. He also pointed out that a little layer of dirt helps preserve them from the light, so all the shiny washed taters that look good in the market may be working against you in terms of shelf life. Try buying dirty potatoes.

Here's good info on storage. They give a life of one to two weeks at room temps, so you are not the spud failure you think you are, Hypharse!
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Cook's Illustrated tested the potato/fridge theory, and said it didn't make a damn bit of difference tastewise.
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mjj: I'd never noticed, but you're right - it would only be a bonus!
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Response by poster: Ah, many new things to try! Thanks everybody.
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