Fantastic breakfast potato recipes?
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What are some amazing breakfast potato recipes that you have tried and loved? No hash browns, please. Crispiness a must. Cool flavor combinations, e.g. spicy/sweet - or other interesting/creative aspects a plus.
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Latkes with applesauce.
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Polish Placki (kind of like latkes but with grated potato and grated onion).

Must eat with sour cream, salt & pepper.
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Potato pancakes with creme fresh and caviar!
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Breakfast poutine! Many variations on the theme...
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1. Thinly slice potatoes, toss with olive oil, salt and herbs if you like. Lay flat on baking sheet, broil until crisp.

2. Grate potatoes and fry in a thin layer of olive oil. NOM.
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You can have Bubble and squeak for breakfast (made of leftovers from dinner the night before).
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It's not a breakfast food in its original setting, but Spanish tortilla is amazing any time.
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breakfast burritos with corn torillas.
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The secret to great home fries is to parboil (or otherwise pre-cook) them before frying; just cut them up into whatever shape you want the finished product to take, then drain them really well and cook them on high heat with plenty of oil. This will let you get them nice and crispy on the outside without worrying that you're undercooking the inside. I like to add a good splosh of vinegar and some salt to the water, too, this seems to permeate them with flavor.
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Papas con chorizo. Get some chorizo and crisp it in a pan with some diced onions, throw in some diced potatoes and cook until soft. That's it. Great with scrambled eggs in breakfast tacos.
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1. Slice fully cooked baked potatoes into thick slices.

2. Fry on one side in a centimeter or two of neutral oil. Don't touch them until they're golden broken on that one side. Sprinkle the backs with salt, aleppo pepper and smoked paprika.

3. Flip each slice individually. I know, it's kind of a pain, but cooking each one evenly is worth the effort, just stirring them around and randomly flipping some and not others is not saving time.

4. Sprinkle the side that's now facing up with salt, aleppo pepper and paprika.

5. Drain on paper towels. If you have dill in your garden, a little bit chopped up is fantastic sprinkled on top, and in fact pretty much any milder green herb (basil, cilantro) is great to add a bit of color.
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I just bought the ingredients today to make sweet potato hash with sausages and eggs for brunch tomorrow morning. I actually have some left over cooked new potatoes so I'll probably use them in addition to the sweet potatoes - I don't see why you couldn't use solely normal potatoes if you wanted.
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Go camping.

In the morning, build a campfire.

Cut a potato in half, and scoop out about three quarters of it on each side.

Crack an egg into one half of the potato. Fill the other half with shredded cheese, chopped onions, chopped tomatoes, salt and pepper & anything else you can think of that will fit.

Put the two halves of the potato together.

Wrap the potato in tinfoil.

Put the potato in the fire.

Wait an hour.


(You could probably skip going camping and put the potato in the oven instead of on the fire, but what fun would that be?)
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This recipe, and everything else by J. Kenji Lopez-Alt, is great.

In general, potatoes + tortillas = delicious.
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my favorite-ever potatoes I make are a combo of these crunchy polenta-crusted potatoes & these roasted mustard potatoes -- the polenta & method of the former, and the mustard & spice from the latter. they're sweet, spicy, crispy, all of it.
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I do what Juliet Banana does, and then add scrambled eggs & cheese to the pan with the potatoes still in it and basically make a version of a spanish tortilla. Sometimes I finish by browning the cheese on top in the broiler.
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Thomas Keller's Ad Hoc Potatoes Pavé would be a really creative way to serve breakfast potatoes, and you could probably switch out the thyme for rosemary or dill, depending on what you're serving with them. Plus, look at all that surface area to crisp up!

I really love the Ad Hoc Scallion Cakes but those might be too much like harsh browns for you.
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This café in Liverpool did what they called hash browns, but they were really boiled potatoes crushed up, mixed with mustard and a bit of horseradish, and then put onto the grill for a bit.

So so good.
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It's embarrassing how good these onion soup potatoes are.
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OMG, I just made this Roast Potato recipe yesterday and ate myself into a carb coma. It was ridiculously, out of all proportion good.

The only change I made was to use part olive oil/part Trader Joe's toasted sesame oil. Nom.
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This is a lot like hash browns, but my mom makes quiche with a tater tot crust. Thaw tots, mush them into a pie dish, add regular quiche filling. Bake until eggs are set and taters are crispy. SO GOOD.
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Us Eastern Bloc jews make hashbrowns with leftover chicken fat/drippings (we call it Schmaltz). Adds a rich savory flavor unattainable with oil or butter.
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The dish you seek is rosti.
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