One of the many, many things law school doesn't teach you
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Tell me about being a title examiner in any state in which title examiners are required to be -- or generally are -- attorneys/JDs.

I am a fairly new attorney and my practice brings me often to registries of deeds to do research. Many attorney title examiners are scruffy-looking eccentrics who dress like college students, emit aromas, and generally seem agreeably deranged. Plus, they get to spend all that time in the stacks full of moldering books. It makes me wistful.

I enjoy the frequent (though basic) title research I do, and I am curious about how attorney title examiners qualify, who they tend to work for, what their skills must be paired with, and other such matters. Although I am in the Northeast, I have family elsewhere that I may need to go towards when they are elderly, so I am interested in a range of answers.

(Anonymous only because it is career-related. I'm not actually dissatisfied with my job right now, I'm just thinking long-term.)
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Anon, if you ever sort this out please post the info or get an admin to do it. It sounds like an interesting avenue.
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