Will my juicer poison me?
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What's the likelihood that my new juicer has lead in it?

I bought this juicer, and I'm somewhat concerned it might have lead in it. It's made in China and has a bright orange coat of enamel paint. Any way of knowing if it's lead-based? Can I get a "probably not"?
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The description says it's enamelled. I take this to mean it's actual enamel and not enamel paint. I don't think there'd be any lead in that.
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There are DIY methods but the US govt says these may lead to false positives. One test involves chipping a small piece of paint and immersing it in a sodium sulphite solution.

Another way is to buy home test kits (consumer report link)
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I highly doubt lead paint is specified by the manufacturer. In fact, I would think it would be illegal to do so (although I haven't looked it up). Are you asking whether the Chinese factory is sneakily using lead paint? I doubt there's any way to tell other than having it tested.
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Best answer: Probably not.
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Response by poster: Asking mostly for my girlfriend because she was concerned the paint might (illicitly) have lead paint in it. Thanks for the re-assurance.
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i would recommend testing.

from what i understand of (some) enameling processes, it's like applying a pottery glaze to the metal (glaze being minerals suspended in solution), which is then dried and fired up to a temperature at which it melts and gets all glassy/glossy. lots of low-fire pottery glazes with bright colors these days that show up from china are being found to contain lead. good luck.
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