What should we see and do from 4/24 to 5/2 between Sacramento and Los Angeles?
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What should we see and do from 4/24 to 5/2 between Sacramento and Los Angeles?

We'll be in Sacramento on the 24th, and we don't have to be in LA until May 2nd. What should we spend our time doing? I've seen this thread and this one, and would like to solicit recommendations for seasonal events occurring during our time frame. We particularly like food related attractions, and we are already going to be visiting the wine country around Sacramento, but please feel free to suggest anything at all.
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I missed it earlier, but I've now seen this thread, most of which deals with things too far north of where I'll be ending up.
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Go west and take highway one down to LA. Big Sur and Monterey are gorgeous. Alternativey, you could go through Yosemite and go down through Death Valley to LA. You can do either drive in 2 days of solid driving, but you'll have time. In either area, I'd make some hotel reservations. Yosemite gets booked solid pretty early, likewise Big Sur and Death Valley.
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Stop in Big Sur. Overnight at Deetjen's Big Sur Inn, the best restaurant on that whole stretch of coast and the neatest hotel between LA and Gualala, in my opinion.

Visit Hearst Castle - take a few hours for a tour, night time is best, but they're all interesting.

Email me re: Sacramento area food/wine. - hundertwasser at yahoo dot com
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The LA Times had an article this weekend about wildflower viewing with locations throughout the state, several of which should still be in bloom in April/May.
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Check out Manzanar, the WWII Japanese internment camp.
Joshua Tree is pretty awesome.

California food festivals.

More food festivals in CA.

And more.
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Sequoia National Forest, possibly Kings Canyon while you are there. Absolutely breath taking!
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Go west, like the others have suggested, which would be a wonderful way to spend the week.

Or go east and see one of California's lesser known, but most spectacular landscapes -- the high desert and towering granite of the Eastern Sierra.

Or do both. The State can be crossed East-West in a day. (Some other time I'll share my story about a drive I made from Bridgeport, California to San Francisco, California via Sonora Pass* behind the wheel of a '68 VW Beetle using only the emergency brake for stopping power.)

If you do decide to head east and cross the Sierras, check with Caltrans for closure info. Some of those passes don't open up until late spring.
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If you're heading down Highway 1, stop at Point Lobos State Reserve just south of Monterey. It's breathtakingly beautiful, and very easily accessible, so it's possible to spend just a morning there (though once you're there, you may want to stay all day!).
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Once you're done with the norcal wine country, consider the Santa Ynez area, about an hour outside of Santa Barbara (near Solvang, also a cute town to check out). Its where they filmed Sideways, and its got a few hidden gems if you're up for a day of exploring.

Also, spend a day on Cannery Row in Monterey, see the aquarium, etc..
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What about camping during this time? Is everything likely to be completely booked up or are would you expect it to be relatively easy to find a place?
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