Converting video to dvd
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I have some mpeg4 (quicktime) video that I would like to convert to mpeg2 so I can watch it on my el cheapo Apex player. I am using OS X (Panther). Are there any free or cheap tools that will do this that won't make my head explode? I supplicated the Google gods and came up empty.
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I know Toast does this if you just drag the MP4 file to it, and you can probably get ffmpegX to deal with it as well.

iMovie/iDVD ought to be able to handle it, too, but if your experiences turn out to be anything like mine, you'll find those tools really awkward.
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And double-check your DVD player's docs... some of them can play nearly anything w/o conversion
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Response by poster: Thanks for locating those tools for me. I will probably try ffmpeg first, and report back. I have a camera full of .movs I want to show the kids on the dvd player.
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Response by poster: ffmpeg can be installed with Fink, including the dependencies! Whoo!
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