Rip and Burn Multiple Movies to a DVD using New 0.9.4 Handbrake for Divx player?
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Since Handbrake 0.9.4 seems to have gotten rid of the .avi/Xvid option, is there anyway to rip a DVD so it will play on a divx etc enabled player? If you have the time, I would appreciate a step by step breakdown. Much appreciated! (and thanks way back when for figuring out how to do this on the older Handbrake).
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Best answer: I just use the old version of handbrake. You can google for tutorials on how to use Virtualdub too.
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Use Handbrake to rip to h.264, and then ffmpeg or avidemux to turn it into xvid/avi? Not a perfect solution and would take forever, but it would probably work.
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You don't say whether you're using mac handbrake or windows handbrake.

If you're using a windows box, here's an easy workflow:

(1) Decrypt dvd with dvddecrypter
(2) Run autogk over the ifo you want. If you just want the main feature of a movie, just load an ifo into autogk and look at the progam length.
(3) There is no 3.

Or, maybe,

(1) Run dvd43
(2) Run autogk over an ifo from the disc directly.
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I think getting an older version of Handbrake is going to be the easiest method here. Or is there a particular feature in the new version that caused you to upgrade?

FWIW, I have found Handbrake to have more regression in some of its releases than I am comfortable with in software (also, I was very disappointed at their software prerequisites creep, i.e. to 10.5), and it's on a list of software that I don't upgrade unless I have a very specific reason to.
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Sorry to piggy back here, but which version(s) of Handbrake are recommended for Mac & Windows?
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Response by poster: Goshling, I think the newest is recommended for both (0.9.4)...I guess I was asking the question just in case the older Handbrake wouldn't be compatible eventually with newer Macs. I don't use Mac the Ripper much anymore because most new DVDs i've tried don't work on it and I also don't mind putting compressed .avi movies onto a disc. I don't care a whole lot about excellent picture quality.

Everyone, thanks for your time and input. I really appreciate it.
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Best answer: By ""recommended" I meant "which is most compatible/has the most usable formats".

I have a lot of technical DVDs, some of which cost ~$US100 which I'd like to have easy reference to on laptop/iphone/media player.

I had Handbrake on my Windows laptop & successfully adapted some DVDs for my iphone. I was surprised when I read your question & saw they'd taken out DiVX, which is the format I used. I'm now using a MAC laptop. It's a bit eye opening to see it's software that people are suggesting to NOT upgrade due to the features going backwards.

Thanks for asking this, snap_dragon, you may have averted a great and anguished tearing of hair due to a rude & frustrating surprise the day I decide to install Handbrake on my Mac Book Pro and discover it may not do what the version I had on my Windows laptop did.
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