HELP need cool texas getaway for fishing
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I want to plan a trip for my bf's birthday. I live in TEXAS and want to find a cool cabin that sleeps at least 6 people with access to fishing. I would prefer a secluded area where he and his standoutish tattooed buddies can be noisy and not have to deal with neighbors or uptight rednecks..

I have seen some cool places in Lake Buchanan and near Lake Travis, I just want to find the perfect one, with cool atmosphere, access to the water and affordable. I would like to spend less than 250 per night (other guests not included). I know he likes to fish in Rockport but the cottages all look kind of dingy...any ideas...I'll take whatever you got.
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March and April are the perfect time to go for good fishing in the year.

For the party while you fish pleasure...just respect the locals.
There is the Ouachita River in Mt. Ida, Arkansas near Pencil Bluff. Many mom & pop canoe rentals with camp sites & cabins on the river's edge. ( I have used the one I linked many times) It’s a six hour drive from Dallas, Tx. The river has great small mouth bass & walleye fishing, which are great for a fish fry. Adding it has largemouth bass, catfish and perch (sun fish) in it. The canoe sites drop you off at various points on the river and you canoe or float back to your camp, suggest a seven mile drop off.

For sport fishin and closer location, a great spot this time of the year is Lake Fork, largemouth bass; get you a "lunker." More expensivee here as you should rent a guide for the best fishing trip experience.
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I've stayed lots of places in Rockport, none of them were dingy, and my share was MUCH less than $250 per night. More like $250 per long weekend. And all of these places had a dock, so we could fish all night, too. Indeed, my annual trips with 5-6 guys runs like $400-500 each, including lodging, guides, boats, beer, food, tips, etc.

I can't promise that you'll be secluded, because waterfront property doesn't get wasted. But if you have to get up at 4am every day to go fishing, how noisy can you be at night, really?
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