In Flash, what happens when fonts are nested inside MCs which are not integer-positioned?
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I am developing a Flash-based website using Miniml's free fonts. I understand that the fonts should be placed at integer positions, but what happens when they are nested inside MCs which themselves are not integer-postitioned? Do I need to place all my (many) levels of MCs sans decimal points?
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When I code Flash stuff that's position-based, I try and make only one object a hard-coded position, and the rest of the objects are relative to that one object -- that way it can scale easier.

Let's say I have a line of text composed of characters:


The first movieclip ('T') is located at x,y. The next ones are firstmovieclip._x + firstmovieclip._width.

I think this is what you're asking; if not just let me know and I'll try another answer.
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It doesn't sound like he's coding anything, more like he has a bunch of hand placed mc's on the stage.

One solution would be to loop through all of the movieclips and align them to the nearest integer (something like movieclip._x = Math.round ( movieclip._x ); ), but you'd have to do that at run time.
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