How can I keep track of mergers & acquisitions in Europe, Asia and Latin America?
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Mergers & Acquisitions. For my job at work we need to start keeping track of completed M&As. Globally. Yahoo has a nice M&A calendar site that lists the acquiring company, target company, and when its done. Problem is it focuses on North America. Are there similar sites that can give this information for Europe, Asia & Latin America? I've got some make shift solutions, but nothing real good. And the really good resources are tons of money, which my department doesn't have the budget for (and these sites tend to be overkill - I don't need to track a merger, just need to know when its complete).
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I know my library (Baker Library at HBS) is starting to keep track of this sort of thing as well. We've been keeping a collection of corporate reports and links to similar resources for some time, so you can try your luck at if you like. I know we're planning to expand our corporate name database at some point in the next two years or so. Many of the resources are Harvard or HBS-only, though, so I don't know how much help they'll be.

Maybe check other b-school libraries and information centers?
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I don't know about global stuff, but the deal is a pretty popular resource for this kind of thing.
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It might be worth checking the Reuters mergers & acquisitions news page.
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