Where can I find Baked Doritos Cooler Ranch Tortilla Chips
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I have a friend who has been talking about how Doritos should make Baked Doritos Cooler Ranch Tortilla Chips forever. I found that they exist but I cannot find them online anywhere, Help me!

I have searched most of the retro food places but it is not retro, just discontinued i think. I just want to find one bag so that I can give it to my friend as a present.
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Is this what you're looking for?
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I think he's looking for the "Baked Doritos" variation of Doritos. Here's a link to a product description and image of the product he wants. A search online so far hasn't turned up any place to buy it though, and, Frito-Lay's website doesn't even list it anymore. Sorry. :(
There's this multipak (vending machine size?) that has a picture that shows cooler ranch, but, the product name indicates Nacho Cheese. You may want to call them up and see if they actually have cooler ranch.
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Subway is the only place that I know of that sells Baked Doritos, so maybe you can contact them and ask them who their supplier is.
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Hmm, that's odd--it's just "Cool Ranch" in Canada, not "Cooler Ranch." Is the "Cooler" supposed to refer to them being "more cool" or to their somehow being related to what you might take on a picnic to keep your drinks chilled?
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Actualy the Cooler was the name discontinued in 2005... from my search it seems they were made and discontinued with the other name.
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