african song -t'walabimsu???
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Hi. The geniuses on here have helped before with a seemingly impossible question. About 10 years ago, I downloaded an African song (I cannot remember what country the artist was from or even what particular "style" it was in) that was called something like "T'wala bimsu". Somehow I lost the song and I would be very gratified to find out the artist's name and the song's true name so that I could buy the CD if it exists somewhere. The song is upbeat with a lyrical hook floating over a percussive "bassline" for lack of a better word. I vaguely remember another song by the artist concerning a yellow bus. Does this ring a bell with anyone? Thanks!!
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I think that it is Thola Amadlozi by the late, great Brenda Fassie, who was South African and sadly died in 2004. It's from the album Amadlozi. I think it's also on the greatest hits album. If you like Brenda, her best album is Memeza, which is superb.

Welcome to the wonderful world of African pop!
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(You can listen to a snippet of the song at the first of the two links I posted.)
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Response by poster: Thanks, but that's not the one - I know I'm asking for a needle in a haystack - but to narrow things down a little, the vocalist is male and I don't remember there being any synthesizers or anything like that. Thanks for the link to Thola Amadlozi - hearing Paul Simon's Graceland as a kid really was an eye opener to the treasure trove that I could discover in African pop.
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Fela Kuti comes to mind as a starting point..

Good luck!
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Response by poster: still not it but again thanks for helping. The song I'm looking for is definitely not jazz-like in any of its myriad forms, either.
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